Introducing Talenth

Stories Jun 14, 2020

Why we have built Talenth?

We all have seen how recruiters and hiring managers struggle with all the time-consuming processes when it comes to hiring the best candidate for their company. They spend tremendous time and effort on making the job postings look good, sourcing candidates from different places, collecting the applications, scheduling interviews, managing the hiring process during all its stages, requesting feedback from interviewers, preparing and making an offer, and finally, if everything works out, hiring the best candidate for that specific role to succeed at their company.

Recruiters and hiring managers spend huge amount of energy and time on processes and, as a result, have less time to focus on what matters the most. The people.

All those processes are important, we agree, but most of them can be simplified, automated or sometimes even totally eliminated.

We, as co-founders, have seen these challenges in number of companies and decided to offer a solution.

That's why we have built Talenth.

Talenth is a recruiting platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers hire the best talent faster. It includes all the tools you need in one place to source, attract, and hire talent. Its simple and user-friendly interface helps you spend less time on time-consuming processes and have more time to focus on hiring the best talent for your company.

Who is it for?

As mentioned above, Talenth is for recruiters and hiring managers. We have built it keeping in mind all their needs. But we didn't want to build a Swiss army knife with 35 features and charge companies a fortune.

Our approach is different. We want to provide recruiters and hiring managers the most essential tools so they can do their job in the best possible way. Without wasting time on processes. Without switching through 20 tabs. Without browsing 10 or 20 unnecessary and rarely used features.

Talenth is a great fit for technology companies and startups who are planning to grow and hire more people in their team. It's a great fit for companies who are planning to hire (or have recently hired) their first person in Talent Acquisition role and want to move from Google Docs and Spreadsheets to a simple and affordable solution that will solve their needs.

Our solution is also a great fit for recruitment agencies, as we have a powerful sourcing extension that will make the candidate sourcing process a breeze. And of course, you can store all your sourced candidates in your Talent Pool where we have implemented robust searching and filtering options.

How Talenth can help you?

Talenth offers a wide range of tools to help you source, attract, and hire new talent. The key features are Jobs, Source, Talent pool, Hiring pipeline, Integrations with other apps, Data import and export.

  • Jobs - create a Careers page to strongly reflect your employer brand and showcase open positions at your company.
  • Sourcing Tool - source candidates from the web and add them to your talent pool or attach them to your current job openings. We also offer an easy-to-use Chrome extension for sourcing candidates right from LinkedIn with just one click.
  • Hiring Pipeline - track applicants and engage with them at every stage of the hiring process. Turn the hiring process from a hassle into an enjoyable experience.
  • Talent Pool - store all your contacts/candidates in one place. You can add talents manually, through our Sourcing tool or by importing your existing database to your Talenth account.
  • Integrations - easily connect to your favorite apps and services using our integrations. We currently offer seamless integration with Slack which allows you to automate some of the most annoying processes during recruitment, such as scheduling interviews and asking feedback about the candidate from the interviewers after the interviews.
  • Data Migration - move all your existing data to your Talenth account from other tools. The process is seamless and takes less than 10 minutes thanks to our built-in importing tool. Need any help with switching from another tool to Talenth? Just email us at

Do you want to try?

If you want to try Talenth and streamline your hiring process, then we are more than happy to welcome you on board.

Feel free to request early access on our website and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

Talenth Team

Talenth brings the best recruiting solutions to your hiring team and makes your hiring process a breeze.

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